40 Easter Basket Ideas - Frugal and Non Candy

Easter is fast approaching! I love celebrating Easter, and I love filling up baskets for my family. I'm always looking for ideas for Easter baskets, and so I thought you might too. Whether you are religious or not, you can celebrate a part of Easter. I personally love remembering that Christ rose again. I love talking about the religious side with my children, but I also love the promise of a new beginning at springtime. Easter can be what you want it to be, and for me, it's all about activities and love with my family! 

There are two places I always go to when searching for gifts. Groupon and The Dollar Tree. These are two great places to find items that are discounted. I am on a budget, and do my best to keep these baskets extremely affordable. I often visit Amazon for ideas, but not always. (Note: if shopping online, you can get even deeper discounts by going through Swagbucks or Ebates or someplace like that.)  It's a great option to get basket fillers without spending extra money!     My kids personally get a lot of candy from grandparents or from community egg hunts at Easter time, so I tend to shy away from it in my own baskets. Again, this is just personal preference. My kids also are quite far apart developmentally, so I tried to include items that would work for young children as well as teenagers. Let me know in the comments what items I'm missing!   Here are a bunch of ideas for Easter baskets. I hope you find the list useful!

Family-friendly movies - Amazon has a TON of them 
Crayons - these can be found at the Dollar store, but they don't often carry Crayola, and I know some prefer to get that brand.  
Colored Pencils  
Art pads  
Fuzzy socks - this is one of my favorite things to get at the Dollar store.  

Playdough - you could even make your own if you wanted to.  
Silly putty  
Costumes - these aren't just for Halloween! My son loved it when he got this Captain America shield 
Ear buds  
Garden stuff 
 Itunes gift card  
New outfit - I know a lot of people give new Easter dresses or suits. You could do that, or you could get them something more casual. My kids love thrift store shopping, so I will probably take them the day before Easter to a thrift store to find something. :)  
Amazon gift card  
Mini notepads with pens  
Video games - currently there are quite a few of these for wii, wii u, and xbox on groupon.
Coloring books  
Bath and Body Works stuff for your teenagers- there is always something on sale at that place!
Body Wash  
Hair supplies 
Toy cars (Hotwheels, etc)  
Nail polish  
Sidewalk chalk  
Bouncy balls  
Lip gloss/chapstick  
Toy garden stuff  
Craft stuff  
Sidewalk chalk  
Footballs, Basketballs, etc  

Okay, so there's the list. I hope this gets your mind going, and helps you think of ideas for things you can get for your kids on a budget this Easter. Again, if there is something obvious that I missed, feel free to comment below and let me know!!    


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