Five Ways We Saved in June

June was a pretty intense month for us, financially speaking. 

We made some big changes and decisions. We of course made plenty of small changes too, because those most certainly add up! If you're looking for some ideas, check out what we did and see if any of it may apply to you:

  1. Completed home refinance, taking 4 years off our loan and dropping the interest by over 2%. (long term savings)
  2. Paid off $2,940 of debt (just over $2,000 to go!)
  3. Turned off speakers/monitor on the computer when not in use...every time.
  4. I kept my showers to 1 song...every time (around 3-5 minutes). I wasn't able to convince the kids/spouse of the virtues of this. 😂
  5. Took advantage of an end of month sale at our local Co-op. Spent $120, but ended up getting over $1,000 retail worth of product! Because they had cleared up their invoices for the month, they offered a $1 per item blowout on a bunch of different items. We got $520 worth of all natural meat sticks alone. I love when I can find deals on more natural products, as those can be expensive! $90 worth of what we got came from me winning a contest on their social media post. I ended up winning a case of Lilly's Cinnamon Babka. SO good!

I've gotta be honest, I also spent more money in areas last month. I spent more in groceries overall to take advantage of that sale. We went over our out-to-eat budget as well. Thank goodness this month is a chance to do better!

Some of these things won't apply for most of you...and I recognize that. I hope to share the things I personally do each month to save money, but I also have another post you can look at that I add to regularly and update...sharing many more ways to save money! You can find those ideas HERE.

How did you save $$ in June?


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