9 Ways to Make Extra Cash at Home

There are so many different situations in life that put us in a position to feel broke. Full-time students don't always have time to get a job, parents often struggle to make ends meet, but sending both parents to work and paying for daycare isn't always a great option, especially with the cost of daycare. So, parents feel broke. 

 I'm here to tell you that you CAN make extra money from home, according to YOUR schedule. There are a lot of ways that can make you a little extra spending cash, and others that have the potential to provide you with life-changing income. It all depends on how much time you can put into it, and what your specific goals are. 

This post contains some affiliate links to products I PERSONALLY use and recommend. Thanks!

Let me share with you a few of the ways that I personally am making money from home. I prefer to share those that I have personal experience with, so I can share with you the pros and cons:  

1 Get paid to test websites with User Testing

I discovered User Testing a year and a half ago or so, and I have consistently made around $30 per month with them. Pros about this site include the pay rate. You receive $10 for spending about 15 - 20 minutes looking over a site and doing tasks, all while speaking your thoughts out loud. It's a great rate for the time you are spending.  The con: Tests get picked up quickly, so you have to be fast. I keep a tab for the site open while I'm doing other things on the internet. When a new testing opportunity comes, the website dings, and I know that I've got to hurry over to the site to accept the test. Overall, this is still a site I recommend. To date, I've made a total of $2,195 with User Testing.   

2 Earn with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a search engine, but it's also more. When you use it as a search engine, you have the chance to earn Swagbucks. These are randomly awarded for searches. You can also do other tasks on there, like watch videos, view slideshows, take surveys, even shop online through their site. Each of these tasks earns you different amounts of Swagbucks, which can be redeemed for different items. I think the Amazon.com gift card is one of the most popular items people redeem. A $3 gift card is 300 Swagbucks. Pros: You can earn points by simply searching online, something that you likely do anyway. You also can earn extra by referring others and receiving points for your referrals purchases! Cons: You're not going to get rich doing this. Each swag buck is worth about a penny, depending on the prize you're redeeming, so it takes a while to add up. To date, I've made a total of $1,242 with Swagbucks.  

3 Earn With IZEA

If you have a blog, there are a lot of options, but there are a lot of Facebook share opportunities, as well as Twitter posts, so if you have accounts with either of those, you could also participate. Basically, you are shown options for different things that people would like you to share....perhaps a potato chip company wants to reach more people. You can bid on an option you're given (enter a $ amount) and if they choose you, you will post according to the company's wishes and be paid! Pros - the twitter posts are SO easy and quick! Cons - sometimes the work is slow. To date, I've made $139.19 with Izea.     

4 Write a Blog

Yep, I know you've heard it. A blog can be a great way to utilize a lot of these other opportunities I'm mentioning, but there are other ways you can monetize and make money with a blog. I think the key with this is to keep your integrity. Don't use your blog for the SOLE purpose of making money, or you'll never find success. If you have a subject you feel passionate about and could write about, then by all means, go for it! The income can be a little, or it can be a lot. I've researched a lot of different ways to improve my blog and earn an income with it, and this course is without question the highest quality information I've seen so far. It's enabled me to triple my blog traffic in these last 2 months. There are other great resources out there, too, but this is my personal recommendation. Pros: SO MUCH POTENTIAL. You can make life-changing income! Cons - It is a LOT of work, and a lot of time. You won't make money right away.     

5 Take Online Surveys

There are quite a few decent survey sites out there that I personally use. They include:
  • OpinionSquare - I joined this site last summer. I've made $25 in Amazon.com gift cards from them.
  • KidzEyes - (This is surveys for your KIDS!) My kids have made $239 from this.
  • Zoompanel - Since they switched to their new platform, I've earned $50 in Amazon.com gift cards from them.
  • Pinecone Research - You earn 300 pts, which is equivalent to $3.00 per survey, if you choose to redeem cash. You can also redeem prizes with those points. They are not always accepting new applicants, but when they are, you definitely want to get in. This is one of my favorite survey sites. I have probably earned a couple hundred from them, but I haven't kept great records, and neither have they. :) I can tell you I earned $25 last month!
  • TellWut - My favorite part of this site is their short, 1 question surveys on the home page. They can really add up.
Pros - these are easy to do. You just answer their questions honestly. Cons - the pay isn't great, if you're considering how much $$ per hour of work you're getting.    

6 Earn as an Influencer with LinkVehicle

Link Vehicle is a new place to me. I just signed up with them last month, and haven't really figured out how to work it yet. I did receive an offer to post a link on a blog post and received $5 for it. It was for a product I already recommend, so I felt good about accepting. Hopefully as I learn more about these guys, those earnings will go up! I am new enough that I'm not sure of pros/cons yet. I'll be sure to update!   


7 Sell your stuff online

This can be done in so many ways. From Etsy to Ebay to Craigslist, there are a lot of options. You can find local yard sale groups on Facebook to join, and can list items for sale there. You can hold a real yard sale one weekend. It's a great motivation to declutter those items you bought but never used, too!     

8 Be an influencer with Clever Girls

This is another Influencer Marketing agency that shows you different campaigns. You bid on the ones you are interested in, and they may or may not choose you. Having a blog is needed for this agency, I believe, although I have done work for them that only involved social media. I've made $190 with them. Pros - the pay is fantastic when you get a job. Cons - the campaigns you get approved for can be far and few between. I only get approved for a few every year.     

9 Become an affiliate

There are so many ways that you can do this. Let me share my 2 favorites:
  • E-Junkie - this is an affiliate group where you can sign up (for free) to be an affiliate, and then search for ebooks. If you find one that you feel good about promoting, you can sign up as an affiliate for that specific book. I like this because I'M the one searching for products that I TRUST and feel good about sharing! I just started with them last month, so I'm excited to see how things play out.
  • Share a Sale - These guys work exactly the same way as E-Junkie, except it's not limited to e-books. You can promote products and services. You can promote these on a blog or on social media. I am pretty new to this group too, but the leads have seemed promising. I'll update when I've done more with them.


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